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Rather than limit the number of viewers of results by charging, this site works on a different model. We know that people want to see the results and more and more will as long as it's free.

These viewers are your potential customers!

Advertising with EquestrianLive.com gets your product and message directly to the customers you want to reach!



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4 weeks
Full Year
Button (right: 120 x 90) $100$300$2000
Full Banner (above: 392 x 72) $200$600$4000
  • Banners/Ads must be supplied by the advertiser in the sizes specified, and the file size must be as small as possible. Animated gif files are permitted.
  • All Button Ads will appear on every page, the order they appear is changed randomly every minute.
  • Terms are prepayment by Credit Card or Check.
  • Split Second, Inc. reserves the right to refuse advertising from anyone for any reason.

If you advertise in a magazine, your ad might be on page 129.

When you advertise on EquestrianLive.com, your ad is on every page!

To advertise please contact:  Geoff Elder - Split Second Timing

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